On this page, you'll find an overview of all the topics covered on This is a great place to start if you're new to web development, or if you're looking for a specific topic to learn more about. We'll be updating this page regularly, so be sure to check back often!

Variables is a comprehensive resource for web developers of all levels of experience and other web professionals with a development inclination, or a hacker/maker ethos. The site's content is clustered into easily readable topics, making it easy to find the information you need and build your skills in a fast and modular way.

Tech Primers: Learn Web Development and Digital Marketing
Looking to learn web development and digital marketing? Look no further than Variables! We have all the tech primers you need to get up to speed quickly.
Guides - Topic - Variables
If you’re looking for guides on web development, Variables is the site for you. We index all of our guides on this page, so you can find what you need fast.

Learn to Code

Are you new to development or interested in learning to code? If you're not sure where to start on our topic pages, we've got the guide for you.

Our Learn to Code guide makes sense of all the skills you'll need to acquire so you can focus on the important part – acquiring them.

Learn to Code: A Guide for Complete Beginners to Web Development
This guide will introduce you to the basics of coding. It will show you how to get started on your journey to becoming a web developer and learn to code. We’ll cover everything from setting up your development environment, to understanding variables and loops, all the way up to creating

For more code fundamentals, check out our Learn to Code collection.

Learn to Code - Topic - Variables
Want to start learning to code? Look no further than Variables. We offer a range of tutorials and resources to get you up to speed in no time.

Career Topics and Variables Career Guides

Looking to start a career in web development? Or maybe you're already in the field and looking to further your skills?

Our career topic is is where you'll find everything we know about forging and advancing a web development career.

Career - Variables
Variables is the perfect place to learn to code and stay updated on development trends, tools, and tutorials. Become an exceptional web developer.

Our Career Guides page is packed with information on everything from getting started to advanced techniques. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, we've got something for you.

Variables Career Guides: Learn to Code & Become a Developer
Looking to break into the world of web development? Variables’ comprehensive Career Guides will give you all the tools and resources you need to become a successful web developer. Taking you from the basics to your first role, you’ll be ready for the world of web development in no time.


We cover technology from a developer perspective. A developer perspective means we're invested in its future potential, and we want to get our hands on the tools.

We care about the details, and we want to understand the key concepts before the details. We want to get the basics over and done with quick, but understand them in a way that's accurate and cohesive.

It also means we're excited about technology, and probably more inclined to support trial-and-error optimism than caution in the pursuit of that future potential.

Gear for Developers: The Best of the Best - Topic - Variables
Want to kit out your home office with the best equipment? You’ve come to the right place. We compare, review, and bring you the best developer gear.
Web Development News & Analysis - Topic - Variables
Variables scours the web for the important news and provides analysis that will help you stay ahead in the world of code, no-code, and tech news analysis.


If you're a web developer, you know that there's always something new to learn. Whether it's a new language, framework, or tool, you're always looking for ways to improve your skills.

Development Resources for Web Developers - Topic - Variables
Variables provides resources for developers. Our Development tag page is a great place to start if you’re looking to learn more about web development.

That's why we created Variables. We cover everything from the basics to more advanced topics, so you can stay up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques.

Tools: From npm to No-code - Topic - Variables
Looking for tools to help with your web development projects? Check out our articles on topics like Webpack, regex, GitHub, no-code tools, and npm.

Check out our tech primers or dive into one of our more specialized topics like the Jamstack:

Jamstack Web Development Architecture - Topic - Variables
A guide to Jamstack, a new web development architecture using serverless functions and static site generators.

Whatever your interest, we've got you covered.

Front-end Development

Variables is a web development site that covers a range of front-end topics, from beginner to advanced. If you're looking to learn about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or any other front-end technology, you'll find something useful on Variables.

Front-end Development: Tips, Tricks & Techniques - Variables
Looking to learn more about front-end web development? The Front-end tag page on Variables focuses on everything from HTML and CSS to JavaScript and React.


The first topic covered on the website is HTML and CSS. HTML is the language used to create web pages, while CSS is used to style those pages. Both HTML and CSS are essential for creating a well-designed website – or, in fact, any website.

Create Beautiful and Responsive Websites with HTML & CSS
Tutorials and resources for learning HTML and CSS. Want to create beautiful and responsive websites? Our HTML & CSS topic page is a great place to start!


JavaScript is a programming language that allows you to add interactivity to your web pages.

JavaScript - Topic - Variables
With JavaScript, you can create web apps that are more powerful than HTML pages. Learn about the ecosystem of JavaScript libraries and tools.

Back-end Development

Back-end development is the process of developing the software and systems that support an application or website. This includes everything from writing code to setting up servers and databases.

Back-end Development - Topic - Variables
Discover tools and resources for back-end developers. Learn about programming languages like PHP, databases like MySQL, and frameworks like Laravel.

Back-end developers are responsible for making sure an application is functional and efficient, and they work closely with front-end developers to create a well-rounded user experience.

Back-end development is a complex process, and there are a variety of topics that fall under it. Some of the most common back-end development topics include:


PHP - Variables
Variables is the perfect place to learn to code and stay updated on development trends, tools, and tutorials. Become an exceptional web developer.

PHP is a server-side scripting language that enables you to create dynamic websites. PHP code runs on the server, and the results are then sent to the client browser. This makes PHP an ideal choice for websites that need to handle a lot of traffic.

Laravel - Variables
Variables is the perfect place to learn to code and stay updated on development trends, tools, and tutorials. Become an exceptional web developer.

Software Engineering

Software Architecture: How to Design, Develop & Deploy Your App
Looking to learn about software architecture? Variables has you covered with the articles you need to get started with better software design.
Design Patterns on Variables: A Guide to Better Web Development
Looking to up your web development game? Check out our comprehensive guide to design patterns, with everything you need to know about this essential topic.